25% of Bridges Unsafe


Unsafe At Any Speed

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration says that 152,316 of the nation's 599,766 bridges are unsafe! You might think you have 3 in 4 odds of safely crossing a bridge, but you'd be wrong! In six states, more than 40% of the bridges are unsafe. In 42 states, more than 20% are unsafe.



Crossing any bridges today?


Even with fuel prices at astronomical levels, we continue to drive and most cross one or more unsafe bridge twice a day. Wouldn't you like to know where the unsafe bridges are in your area?

In Virginia, Interstates 81 and 95 are heavily traveled by thousands each morning and afternoon. More than half a dozen bridges on each of these critical interstates have been deemed structurally deficient by the Federal Highway Administration.

The news isn't all bad. In 1990, the nation had 238,220 of 572,205 deficient bridges (an amazing 42%). The 2007 data shows 153,316 of 599,766 are deficient (25%).