Crossing Signal

The Crossing Signal animation illustrates the sequence of events during a highway railroad grade crossing accident. It shows near photo-realistic animated action of a vehicle driving around a lowered crossing arm on a dark, rainy night.

Cutting between testimony, an outside view, a view from the automobile driver's perspective and the train engineer's perspective, animations like this can be created for your case using scene photographs, testimony, and expert engineering reports.

This kind of exhibit is very memorable and very persuasive, and can be built so that it's admissible as either demonstrative or scientific evidence. If you want to explain a highway railroad grade accident to decision-makers so they'll understand and remember your argument, consider using an animated exhibit.

"Crossing Signal"
Animated and Directed by Nathan Prestopnik
Produced by Crowsey Incorporated
Second place winner of Caligari's 2003 international Big Break competition