Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Gulfport


Hurricane Katrina's impact on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was assessed within days of the storm's passing by state and federal entities. FEMA, the US Army Corps of Engineers and other's used aerial reconnaissance flights, satellite imagery and geographic analysis to determine the damage, plan emergency and longer term response and to plan and deploy needed resources.

In the nearly three years since the passing of the storm, countless scientists, researchers, civil and commercial entities have studied the storm's impact, planned and monitored recovery, and to understand what happened and why.

The summary figure at right shows imagery collected by NOAA the day after the storm, FEMA's determination of the extent of the surge, what residential structures qualified for a blue tarp to mitigate further damage, FEMA's September damage extent and severity assessment and USGS 18, 20 and 22 foot elevation contour lines.



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Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Gulfport

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