Missippi River Flood

Flood Damage

- This satellite image of the Mississippi River, before and just after the 1993 flood, was used by risk assessment, emergency response and settlement professionals to fairly assess and distribute resources.

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Misunderstandings, disputes, arguments, and litigation sparked by fire, explosion, spills, floods, vessel mishaps, or other disasters are tough problems to understand or explain.

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Crowsey helps litigation attorneys, risk professionals and decision-makers facing complex problems understand the issues, causes and potential solutions at the root of their problems.

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  • what happened at highway railroad crossings

  • detect, monitor and prove agriculture insurance fraud

  • assess and monitor floods, fires, explosions, spills

  • or identify the location and condition of claimants, injured, and danger or safe zones

... give us a call, it's our job to see things others don't and help you communicate them clearly and persuasively.